How to create Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

facebook instant articles

Facebook Instant Articles Recently you would have noticed new form of articles on Facebook. These articles are loaded inside of Facebook only and do not require us to visit any 3rd Party website. These are called Facebook Instant Articles. Facebook Instant Articles solves the problem of loading time of a Website, because the article is loaded […]

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Autoptimize Plugin (Optimize CSS,HTML & Javascript Code) – Page Speed Part 4

autoptimize plugin

Autoptimize Plugin – Improve your Page Load time by Optimizing CSS, HTML & Javascript Code When you will go to check your Page Speed insights in Google Developers, after analyzing your website you will find Google Suggestions. Some of the common suggestions are: 1.) Optimizing the images (I have a tutorial for image optimization, Part […]

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Page Speed Optimization Part 2 (SEO) Plugin W3 Total Cache

Page Speed Optimisation Part 2

Page Speed Optimization using W3 Total Cache Plugin You can improve your Page Speed by using W3 total Cache plugin.  Caches are just like Cookies, when enabled in a Website, the Website will leave its traces inside the Browser of your Visitor. So next time when your visitor visits your Website, it takes comparatively less time […]

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