Autoptimize Plugin (Optimize CSS,HTML & Javascript Code) – Page Speed Part 4

autoptimize plugin

Autoptimize Plugin – Improve your Page Load time by Optimizing CSS, HTML & Javascript Code When you will go to check your Page Speed insights in Google Developers, after analyzing your website you will find Google Suggestions. Some of the common suggestions are: 1.) Optimizing the images (I have a tutorial for image optimization, Part […]

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Page Speed Optimization Part 2 (SEO) Plugin W3 Total Cache

Page Speed Optimisation Part 2

Page Speed Optimization using W3 Total Cache Plugin You can improve your Page Speed by using W3 total Cache plugin.  Caches are just like Cookies, when enabled in a Website, the Website will leave its traces inside the Browser of your Visitor. So next time when your visitor visits your Website, it takes comparatively less time […]

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