20 Percent Text Rule

No More 20 Percent Text Rule for Facebook Ads [Latest Update]

No More 20 Percent Text Rule for Facebook Ads

20 Percent Text Rule which was in place for all Facebook Advertisers since a long time,
will no longer be valid anymore as per the Latest Facebook Ads update.

But, this doesn’t mean that you can run Ads with a lot of text.

Earlier Facebook allowed only 20 Percent Text rule.

Facebook had a proper Grid tool with 25 Boxes and your Text was not allowed to extend more than 5 Boxes.

But here is the latest update:

20 Percent text Rule

It clearly states that any Image with a lot of Text won’t be allowed as an Ad.

But, yes you can run the Ad with little more text.

So, I did a test with 3 different images in the Facebook Grid Tool:


20 Percent Text Rule

Test Image 1


20 Percent Text Rule

Test Image 2


20 Percent Text Rule

Test Image 3


And this is the Result which I got:

20 Percent Text Rule


Now here you can clearly see that Facebook allowed my Ad to run normally only when the text was minimum.

In case, when the text element was high, it automatically said that the ad’s reach will be lower.
In this case you will have to spend more money to reach more people.

What I will do

I will continue to follow the 20 Percent Text Rule [unless it is not extremely important].

As I have done till now, I will figure out my Best and most important Keywords and use them in my Ads.

Because I believe in Clutter Free Ads.

An Ad should attract you with its design and creativity.

I have seen people don’t bother to see Ads with so much text.

So I will continue the same pattern and use the Ads like before.


Let me know in Comments what is your take on it.
And how do you prefer to run your Facebook Ads.

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