Sit & Work "Directly With Me" Program

12 business Owners In A Private Setting with me for 3 days where I help You streamline
Your online marketing “Custom Curated For Your Specific Business Requirements.”

“The Accelerator” is a 3-day, application-based program. 

The ultimate difference is this is a “Hands-On LIVE IMPLEMENTATION” Program and not any Conventional Learning Session.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

After attending the program, you will go back with Saurabh’s EXACT Million Dollars Business Systems 
fully implemented for your business & not a bunch of notes & To-Do lists to be done later.

Highlights Of the Program
  • Residential program
  • 3 days with Saurabh Bhatnagar
  • A room with a maximum of 12 people
  • Custom curated live queries implementation
  • Strict application based qualification 
  • Direct execution with Saurabh
  • Saurabh's exact system live implemented for your business
  • Automated customer/client acquisition funnel fully implemented for your business
  • Accelerated growth in your business
Location: Delhi | 2nd, 3rd & 4th of April 2021
Upcoming Venues:

LAS VEGAS  | Dates: To Be Announced

LONDON | Dates: To Be Announced

Trust me, when Saurabh says that this is his best ever program, “HE MEANS IT”

Let Me Help You Build Your Business
Here are the things that will be done there: 
  • Creating your irresistible No-Brainer Offer for every stage of your funnel so that it increases the conversions throughout the funnel
  • My seamless lead-gen system fully implemented for you
  • Your Lead Magnets created that pre-frames your customers
  • Optin pages created & optimized for high % conversion
  •  All your CONVERTING offer pages fully set up with my invisible TFP persuasion methods all deployed there
  • Your Facebook Ads with perfect targeting all loaded to fire using my advanced FB Ads methods
  • Your ad(s) written using my OWN persuasive ad copy strategies
  • A fully planned sales funnel using my “Big Jump Sales Funnel Strategy” to maximize your profits
  • My special “Profit Maximizers” fully implemented for you
  • A sales system that can run on full automation
  • My exclusive “All in All Funnel Strategy” fully implemented
  •  My proprietary "TFP Formula" that has generated millions in revenue for us, fully implemented for your business
  • The "Crush Campaign" email & ads retargeting sequence fully implemented for you
Scaling plan - Implementation to scale your business fast:
  • Ironing your product through the 5 massive qualifiers to ensure the product scales fast
  • "Pricing & MarketFit Strategies" - Deploying the ideal pricing plan that does not break as you increase your ad spend while ensuring your product is made a perfect market fit (that scales) using the 5 massive qualifiers mentioned above
  • "MASSIVE  SCALING" - you will see that in the workshop
  • Your ideal customer targeting identified using the "Prism Lens Targeting Method"
  • The gold & a huge set of a number of hungry buyers that most businesses often ignore is what makes or breaks a business. In the workshop, we will get your complete blueprint ready so you know where the gold is & you "pre-frame" them into buying (this is exactly where your business will scale)

This Is Not For Everyone 
(Qualification Criteria)

 We want to make sure that we provide “The Best” results to everyone who will be present there. Hence, we cannot keep it open for everyone. This is being done to value each other’s time. You should match all the following qualifications to attend the program:
A running business
Your business should already be running & generating revenue. This isn’t an ideal place for “just starters”. We will be doing practical implementation here for businesses who already have their processes running.
Business that Can Profit From the Internet
Your business should have a direct correlation with the leads that are generated on the internet.
No prior Facebook™ Ads experience is also welcome
Even if you don't have any Facebook™ Ads experience, we will guide you if you come with the mindset of learning. See if you are a real go-getter & possess a winning attitude in life, we will be happy to accept your application & teach you all the “real stuff”.
A Go-Getter Winner’s Attitude & No Complaining Behavior
Look we don’t want douchebags to be a part of the program & waste others time as well as ours. If you have a positive growth-oriented mindset, only then we will accept your application. This program is for the top of the world “zero fluff” entrepreneurs who don’t settle for mediocre. If you are one of those, then feel free to apply for “The Accelerator”.
You understand that Investment in business is a must
Self-explanatory point but me explain again that investing upon your business is a must, and you should be fully aware of that. No big results are possible with small investments. We will guide you to invest in the right tools & advertisements.
Strict Qualification Process
1.) You will apply using our application form.
2.) Our team of experts will review all the forms.
3.) Based on our review, we will do the interview.
4.) Finally, the selection to join "The Accelerator" will be done.

All this process will ensure to us that we are calling the right candidate. Also, we will only invite you if we feel that we will be able to provide you the results as per your expectations.

So, this process is a win-win for everyone.
If you match all the above criteria, we commit to you an accelerated growth & success from the program.

"You see, this is not some theoretical “figure out yourself” program.

Instead, this is a PRACTICAL hands-on implementation program, that’s been designed to make you a WINNER.

You will walk out of this program with so much done that isn’t even possible in 6 months’ time while you try to figure out all by yourself."

 Accelerated Traffic, Leads, Automations & Sales are the by-products of this “SYSTEM” that we have built called “The Accelerator”.
I am fully committed to helping you to grow your results & make you a winner in life. This program is my “brainchild” & I know how much "super-powerful” it is for any business.

This program consists of Live Implementation of “EVERYTHING” that I do in my Million Dollars business. 

I am super obsessed in becoming the “BEST” when it comes to growing the business by online marketing, and my “Highest ROI Facebook Ads campaigns” across the industries & “Super High Profitable Funnel Conversions” are a small testimony to that.

I designed this program keeping in mind all the businesses who are just on the brink of massive online success & just need that final technical push that will soar their RESULTS over the moon. 

Also, keep in mind that I am a Huge Believer of doing things via automation. Which means I will help you set up your processes once, and they will be set on running mode for life.

"Simply Put, Every Day You Are Operating Without This Fail-Proof System, You Are Leaving a Lot Of Revenue On The Table"

"Our Famous Proprietary 'TFP Formula' Has Created Millions In Revenue For Us & Other Businesses & Now It's Your Turn To Profit From That"

Saurabh Mentoring Difference
The level of practical insights & an INSTANT IMPACT that comes after learning from SB is at an altogether different level.
Hear from some of the business owners who have had a taste of Saurabh mentoring:
"touch your first million dollars"
If you are looking to get started or if you are looking to go today from where you are to touch your first million dollars, you wanna learn from people like Saurabh. Somebody who was exactly where you are right now, and now is at a place at exactly where you want to be. So for everybody to get your courses, your training would be great.

Anthony Morrison, Founder -
I have got amazing results because of Saurabh. My program "Communication Mastery" is now nearing about 3,000 enrollments. The entire plan, funnel & the email sequence was guided by Saurabh. About 16 months back I had no idea about how to run my Facebook ads, how to get more leads and today I have got more than 130,000 people who have subscribed to my email list within a timeframe of 14 months. There have been weeks where we have had more than 5,000 people subscribing to us. We literally had to reduce the number of leads because we were not able to cater to so many people considering my business model.

Rahul Bhatnagar, Speaker and Business Coach
"Conversion King & Beast"
Big Shout Out to Saurabh Bhatnagar, all this conversion will not have been possible without you. Am calling you the 'Conversion King' from now on. Follow this guy, he is the 'Beast' when it's come to Conversions on product launches and making more money.

Jonathan Oshevire, Founder - Linkedtify & Digital Launch Insider Magazine
"Brilliance, the word I would use to describe Saurabh Bhatnagar.  It is rare I get business techniques and strategies I will integrate into my business immediately. But I did just that with the information he provided to me. It is not only changing how I am doing business but how my clients are doing business."
Virginia Phillips - Author | Speaker | Coach

"$80,000 in my bank account"
Saurabh can literally change your business in a few minutes
Learning practical implementation from him per minute was like an 'aha' moment. Can't say it strongly enough better than 80K+ was added in my account just by the virtue of a single funnel made by him.

Reshu Singhal, Founder -
"Simple 10 Minutes Advise From Saurabh Turned 
$50,000 Revenue into $90,000 Within Just 2 Days"
#1 Online Business Growth Expert In The World
Saurabh's tips & mentoring has been a blockbuster hit in impacting businesses all over the world.

Businesses have found instant growth & immediate returns after learning from Saurabh.

It does not happen every day when a brand like Forbes calls you a "LEGEND".
Sought After Online Marketing Public Speaking Expert
Saurabh is a sought after name in the online marketing niche.

He is invited to businesses & conferences all over the world to speak & share his experience.

Saurabh is on a mission to impact thousands of businesses through his talks & mentoring programs.

Join Me At “The Accelerator” 

More Clients, More 
Customers & More Revenue
Scale your revenue by generating more clients & customers by letting Saurabh implement his proprietary "TFP Formula" for your business. The same formula has generated millions in sales on complete automation for multiple businesses.
Your Online Business Growth On Steroids
Well, not technically. But yes, we are talking about a huge growth injection inserted into your business. Sometimes business is just a few easy things done right. No need to complicate. Saurabh's system makes it way too easy to implement & gain from it.
Battle-Tested Proven 
Saurabh's system has been implemented across industries & various niches and it works - plain & simple!! As a result, we can pick any business, at any level, and convert it into a highly profitable online business.
Sustainable System That Delivers Results
We are talking about building a sustainable business & not some cheap quick rich scheme. The systems implemented here for your business will stay true & evergreen for your business to profit from them. In fact, you will see excellent results within a matter of a few weeks.
The Fire is On Us
Well you know, Saurabh understands business & its messaging like no one else does.

So, you already know that your chances of success after the program is “virtually-guaranteed”.

However, here’s the thing, if after the 1st day’s session you feel for any reason that the program was not meant for you, you can simply stand up & tell it to us & we will refund back every single penny that you have paid to us.

You see, the FIRE is on us.

We are about to "overwhelm" you with insights & practical implementation that being just "happy" will not satisfy us either.

If, however, you feel the training was not worth tens of thousands of dollars to you… or it was 4 out of 5 stars, instead of 6 out of 5 stars… then you know the fire is on us.

Our sole aim is to make your online business profitable & scalable & you will see that in the program.

Any Niggling Questions On Your Mind?

Q.) Who is this for?
A.) Well any business that is just on the brink of online success. Which means that you already have created a decent business but the only thing missing from your arsenal is the “online systems”. If that’s the case, you will be a PERFECT fit.
Q.) Any preparations that I need to do before coming?
A.) Well yes, we will provide you with certain resources that you can get accustomed with before coming to the program. It will help you accelerate your success in the “Accelerator” program.
Q.) How many people will be part of “The Accelerator”?
A.) A total of 12 people in one program. We want to make this an absolutely practical & intensive program. Which means there is absolutely no room for more people.
Q.) I want to bring my business partner along?
A.) We can allow that at a very nominal extra fee. So yes, that’s doable.
Q.) Can I take notes back from the session?
A.) Well this program is meant for practical implementation. You will be made to do all the stuff & all your online systems will be ready by the end of the program. Yes, you can definitely take back notes from the program. But be ready for fast practical implementation approach in the session.
Q.) Is this really for me?
A.) Here’s what we know; One Good Successful “Online System” fully set up for you is all what it takes for the Lifetime of Riches and we are going to breakdown & sit with you to implement all of that for your business.
"You have read till here. This probably means that you know that “The Accelerator” is exactly what you need for your growth. Just those last stomach bubbles are left which confuses us before any final push whether to take the jump or not. And trust me, it’s pretty normal for everyone". - SB
I'm Ready to Accelerate My Growth 
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