Facebook Automation

Facebook Automation for maximum Organic Reach and Profits

Facebook Automation for maximum Organic Reach and Profits

Advertising on social media channels in the USA is said to be worth a whopping $59.6 billion industry, with internet behemoth Facebook leading the fray. So, clearly, Facebook plays a pivotal role in a brand’s marketing strategy.

There is no doubt that optimum results can only be achieved through organic growth. The challenge lies in doing the right research, using the right tools and having content that appeals to your target group, so you can make the maximum impact.

Facebook automation gives you a lot of advantages.
It helps you save time and effectively measure your marketing strategy in a better manner. It also gives you the power to reach a wider audience in a much shorter period of time, with very little effort, thus letting you increase your online productivity.

In brief, you can reach your desired audience with a customized message in minutes without spending a single dollar!

Here are key advantages of Facebook Automation:

  1. Automation allows you to create multiple campaigns/ content that can be scheduled for posting later, as per your convenience. This saves a lot of your time. You can create an entire month’s content in advance and schedule it to be posted slowly at the desired intervals.


  1. Facebook Automation allows you to target the groups and the fan pages you want to post your content on. Thus, you can easily post all your content on different fan pages and groups at the same time, without having to do it manually.


  1. Automation gives your fans and clients an image of a professional who is continuously at work. This is important, as the only way to keep your audience engaged is by sharing relevant content at regular intervals.


  1. Facebook Automation Marketing is easy for people who are not technical experts. As you will most probably be using a software that has all the features built into it, you simply need to specify your audience’s details, and you are all set to start posting.


  1. With Facebook automation, you can save a lot of money on promoting your business online, if you are a small business. Many people spend a lot of money on Facebook ads, but automation lets you post on many groups where your target audience is present in large numbers, without having to hire additional people to do the job. Moreover, the softwares are far simpler to use than as compared to the cumbersome ad purchasing process.

To simplify things, let me explain how easily Facebook Automation can be achieved by using Octosuite, a product that I am currently using for all my Facebook automation needs.

From my personal experience, I have observed that it is important to post at least once in a day to keep your audience engaged. However, to grow your audience, you need to post at least thrice a day. Doing that is a difficult task, but if you have content with you in advance, this task is easy and can get you viral traffic organically.

The reason social media is popular is because it is free for everyone, free for everything and you come to know a lot of things because they have gone viral. And the reason they go viral is because the content resonated with the people.

If we start paying social media companies, then we’ll go back to the traditional media route all over again and the USP of social media will be lost. The biggest benefit of Facebook is that anyone with a good message can become popular without having to spend a bomb…and it should stay that way. It is a level playing field for everyone.

A lot of marketers believe that spending on Facebook is a must have for sure, but still a lot can be extracted by Facebook’s Organic Reach. I too agree with this.

While marketing on Facebook is not a difficult task, getting content that is suitable for your target audience is the tough part to crack. So, understanding what kind of content can go viral in a short time to take your message far and wide is the key.

Here are some questions you need to find answers to before you begin:

  1. Which content is actually good?
  2. Where do I get that content?
  3. How do I make it viral?
  4. How do I not waste too much time on making it viral?

Without finding answers to the aforesaid questions, you will be only shooting in the dark, and are looking for shortcuts to solve this problem. However, the best shortcut to get the desired results is using a reliable tool like Octosuite.

Octosuite is a Facebook automation software that makes a marketer’s life easy by getting the most viral content on social media for him and letting him post that across all his fan pages, groups and channels simultaneously. In a nutshell, all your marketing activities are organized for the entire month with a few quick steps that take less than 5 minutes!

Facebook Automation


Facebook Automation

Facebook Automation

Getting content that is already viral

Octosuite lets you search for fan pages that are the most popular in a certain geography for all major social media apps like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Facebook Automation

You can easily see the number of likes, shares and reach that each fan page and its posts have. Once you know how popular some content has been, you can pick and choose or select all of the content that you want to post on your pages.

Facebook Automation


Facebook Automation
You can select all of the viral posts of a fan page and schedule them for posting on your fan pages and groups. Octosuite also gives you the option of downloading and uploading content.

All you need to do is search using keywords and get the most popular fan pages (which are popular due to their content). Now you can choose the content of any fan page and make it yours by simply selecting it and posting it on your pages.

With the option of posting content at regular time intervals, you are ensuring that your ‘followers’ and target audience stays engaged.

Another advantage of Octosuite is that you can easily search and join groups that have members who are your target audience.

For instance, if you have a chocolate fan page, a cooking group is your audience.

By posting your content there, you can easily attract more readers and followers for your fan page. Octosuite lets you join many such groups with one click and post to all these groups even if you are not an admin. It also allows you to send multiple fan page invites at the same time.

Now comes the most important question that pops up in everyone’s mind – “What is it going to cost me?”

Well, if you ask me, any investment that takes care of all your Facebook Automation is worth every penny. For instance, Octosuite costs just $47 for a lifetime membership – less than INR 3,300 as a one time fee is peanuts, considering the huge dividends you’ll reap!

There are many more plans available. You can see them for yourself and figure out the one that best suits your needs by visiting the Octosuite site.


Considering most businesses spend a substantial chunk on their total budget on marketing, it is only wise that they use the right tools to get the best possible results. Investing in Facebook Automation therefore becomes a must, since it will help achieve more with less. Eventually it’ll translate into more clients and business. What more can you ask for!

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