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Facebook Canvas: How to create (Full Training and Benefits)


Facebook Canvas

(How to create Facebook Canvas Ads available in video above or inside the Blog at the bottom)

Effective Storytelling is the best way how Marketers can reach to its potential target customers.
And storytelling via Facebook Canvas ads is extremely powerful.

Some people went to an extent that Facebook Canvas Ads will be an end to WordPress.
(I am against this statement, but Facebook is very Powerful and with this newest ad format, it can achieve wonderful results in future)

What is the need of Facebook Canvas Ads?
(Facebook Angle)

The need came because the mobile penetration is getting higher every second.
Now with Mobile Ads on Facebook, Facebook realizes the fact that the users are leaving Facebook to go to a different Website. And if any rich media is present on the Website, it will take a lot of time to load.

Now in Facebook Canvas Ads, the rich media is automatically pre loaded inside the Ad.
Thus it gives the users a better experience of rich media and that too by staying inside of Facebook.

And another reason could be, Facebook wouldn’t want the users to leave its website and go to another Website as long as possible. You can sense the same when Facebook is trying ‘Buy Button‘, which allow the users to buy directly from Facebook, leaving the need of going to eCom Website)

Need of Facebook Canvas Ads?
(Marketers & Business Owners)

  • eCom Business – This is a must try Ad for eCom Business owners, as rich portfolio of products can be shown. Plus a complete range of Product Feed can be shown inside one Canvas Ad.
    So for bigger eCom Businesses, multiple Canvas be created to show full range of products.
  • High Mobile Traffic – If your Mobile Traffic is high, then trying Facebook Canvas can be a good strategy
  • Branding – It is a good way to Brand your product. Multiple options – Videos, Images, Headlines, Links, Buttons, Image Carousels, Product Feeds, Tilt and Pan options, a whole range is available to show in a single Ad.
    So a good value for money, invest in a single Ad to show all the featuresFacebook Canvas Ads
  • First Mover Advantage – Believe it or not, but this plays a crucial part. The way marketers are excited, similarly users are always excited to see something new. Here if you can create a good solid Canvas Ad, people will remember it for longer than usual. (You can relate o the fact that every time you will see someone talking about Facebook Canvas Ad, you will hear the name of Wendy’s because it was the earliest mover, now is your time)

How to create

1.) Visit your Facebook Page and click on ‘Publishing Tools’ at the TopFacebook Canvas Ads

2.) Now in the left hand side menu, click on  Canvas

Facebook Canvas Ads

3.) At the top click on ‘Create’

Facebook Canvas Ads

4.) Now this working window will appear in front of you. You can select the theme as per your choice

Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas Ads

5.) You will have multiple options to insert the image. Like you can see in the image below, image with a Link can be inserted, then same image can be inserted to tilt inside the Ad (great user experience)

Saurabh Bhatnagar - How to create Facebook Canvas Ads Saurabh Bhatnagar - How to create Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas Ads Facebook Canvas Ads

6.) Now you can add a Button from where you can redirect the users to your Website

Saurabh Bhatnagar - How to create Facebook Canvas Ads

7.) Changes can be done with simple editing and drag & drop like features. Like the way you do in WordPress

Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas Ads

8.) Videos can be added with same multiple features – ‘Fit to Width’ or ‘Tilt to Pan’ (can be experience only when you will see one)

Facebook Canvas Ads Facebook Canvas Ads

9.) Similarly Carousel can be added which will show multiple images at the same time.
This also comes with the option of – ‘Fit to Width’ or ‘Tilt to Pan’

Facebook Canvas Ads Facebook Canvas Ads Facebook Canvas Ads

10.) A complete set of Products from the Product Feed can be shown inside Facebook Canvas. The order will be random and at once a maximum of 40 Products can be shown in one Canvas

Saurabh Bhatnagar - How to create Facebook Canvas Ads

11.) You can add every single component multiple times, and then arrange the order by shuffling it UP or Down as oer your requirement.

Saurabh Bhatnagar - How to create Facebook Canvas Ads

I will highly recommend you to watch the Video for better understanding and step by step help.

My first testing of this Ad, here is the similar link – https://www.facebook.com/tsxfashion/posts/10153880872730943 (View only on Mobile)
The results were satisfactory, I tried it just for testing on a small advertising scale. 
Got innovative comments from some regular viewers but less traffic on Website.

But I can sense the Potential is huge, I mean complete Branding opportunity is available, then showing rich media inside of Facebook will definitely produce better results.

I am ready to launch version 2 of my testing of Facebook Canvas Ads.

You should try it too and leave feedback here.

Let me know if I missed something.

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