Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook Targeting- Broad vs Precise

Facebook Targeting – Broad vs Precise

Facebook  Targeting has become a very common query for all the Facebook Advertisers.

Whether the Advertisers should go broad or very precise.

My answer is BOTH.

No, I am not getting Diplomatic here.

It will depend on the kind of Advertisement you are planning to run.

My favourite Facebook Advertisements are: Website Conversion Ads & Boost Post.
(Only because, as per my current strategy I am using them the most, for some Advertisers other Ads are doing wonders)

But, for any Facebook Ad, correct Targeting is most important to fetch results.

Facebook  Targeting basically comes down to either very broad audience or very precise.

Let me explain when & where do I use both the audiences.

Broad Audience

I have 3 examples to show in this case, all from different Pages.

1.) The Minions Saga

This is one of my Facebook pages which is getting really good engagement.

You will open this page and watch the number of Likes, Shares and Comments on any of my Posts.

But, it all started with this Ad.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Just have a look at the crazy engagement.

This is how we started this page. (Me & Gaurav)

7242 Shares, 272 Comments, 4303 Likes & 2,53,859 Views – Tons of Organic Engagement.

The Targeting of this Ad was done to several Million targeted people on Facebook.
(Learn here how to do accurate targeting in several million audiences)


2.) True Baseball Fans

This is my another page which has grown organically, just by boosting the post in front of right audience.

I have already given you the link of How to select right audience for such high numbers.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Just have a look at the Organic reach!!!

Facebook Ad Targeting


Takeaway from both these examples – Correct Broad targeting can give Tons of Free Engagement through which you can grow your Page organically.


3.) Teesort

Now this is my another Page for which I am using Broad Targeting (purely interest based),

and I am using it for Website Conversion Ads.

Trust me, Facebook  Targeting has gone a notch higher with the self optimisation of Facebook’s Website Conversion Ads.

Teesort/ Tsx  – This is our eCommerce Website and I am getting 1000% ROI with my present Facebook Ads and the Ads are completely based on Broad Audience.

Of course I have implemented few more settings in it.

But the Ad is completely Targeted to Broad Audience.


So, these are 3 Live examples of Facebook  Targeting using Broad Audience, and all of them are giving very good results.


Now it’s turn for Precise Audience.

Precise Audience

By Facebook’s Precise Audience I mean targeting a very limited number of people. 

Your audience is not in millions.

In fact it can even go down to a few thousands.

Why would you want such Precise Audience for your Facebook  Targeting?

One common easy answer is, if your product is geographically targeted to just a single location.

But, here are few examples to use Precise audience for:

1.) Lead Generation campaigns: Now if I am generating Leads and spending money to generate leads, then I am in for the Big game.

And that means I am looking for Long term benefits. This can only happen if my audience is super excited in my product.

This super excited can only be found through Precisely targeting customers for my products to enter in my funnel.


2.) High Ticket Affiliate Products: Low ticket affiliate products can be sold to masses.

But, to sell high end products, you need precise targeted audience which is interested in your product.

So, again go for Precise Audience.


I believe, by now you are getting into the skin of things, of where should you use Precise audience.

Specific Niche products will always require specific niche based precise Facebook  Targeting.


Next time, when you are making your Ad.

Make sure you don’t get confused what kind of audience you should target.

Both – Broad Audience & Precise Audience will give you results, considering you have chosen it wisely.

(P.S – It will also always depend on your Ad Copy & your Landing Page, see what software I use to make my Landing Pages)

Remember, the better your Targeting is, much better results you will get from your Facebook Ads.

I would recommend you to bookmark this article, for reference anytime in future. You might love reading this again while creating your next Ad.


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Saurabh Bhatnagar

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