How I turned $5,000 Ad Spend into $50,000 Revenue

It was 31st March 2019.

I had just returned back from Bangkok after a successful speaking assignment. It was a closed mastermind event where I spoke on Facebook ads.

Affiliate Mastermind

A lot of Affiliates were also a part of that event.

I made some good friends over there & I was able to market our upcoming software launch “AdsCrisp” in front of the Affiliates.

Our software was supposed to get launched on the 20th of April.

I knew we would have decent number of Affiliates joining us for the promotion of our product. 

But simply relying on the Affiliates is not a good strategy.

As it can be a hit or a miss.

And I was aware that if I would be able to achieve massive opening sales numbers, I would be able to attract a wider pool of Affiliates as well.

Now, to get huge opening sales numbers, I knew I needed a list of “interested” audience who would be willing to pay for the product at the very instant.

Challenge was we just had 20 days left for the launch.

And of course, amidst all the other launch preparations, we could not just leave the pre-launch campaign hanging till late.

That’s because the lesser would be the number of days = giving us less probability of making our ad successful.

Since Facebook™ demands data.

So within 1-2 days I had to come up with:

  • idea
  • Setup all the pages & backend marketing
  • Get a list of interested people

Of course, the plan was to run the Facebook ads. 

But running a normal Facebook ad that would read “my software is coming, subscribe now to receive xyz discount” will not attract anyone as the audience is now smart enough & they are anyhow bombarded with plenty of software deals like this daily.

So the campaign had to be something out of the box & the preparation had to be done instantly.

I told my partners that we are not left with a lot of days before the launch, so I don’t have much time to mature the Facebook pixel data & stuff. 

I am going to implement a plan & we are going to spend $5K for the ads. 

They were a little reluctant initially. That’s because if you understand Facebook ads, you know FB requires data & time to give you the best results.

That was the luxury we didn’t have.

I convinced my partners to go all in & told them that it was important for the launch success.

So now the stage was set:

  • Less time
  • Reluctant partners
  • Heat was on me

This is the plan that I came up with:

“Invite Only Access For The Upcoming AdsCrisp Software”.

Understand this, marketing is a game of psychology & perceived value.

What impression you leave on your audience is what they will take back home.

I remember a mobile phone company by the name “One Plus One” came into the market & promoted themselves in a way that this phone was not available for the general public & it is only available for people who will get the invite.

I had this huge buzz amongst me & my peers as well about a phone that is only available on “Invite Only”. Now everyone wanted that invite somehow.

Now this totally changes the perceived value of the product.

Here is what the end customers think:

Ok, this upcoming product is not available to everyone & since I have the invite link with me, I will be the first & one of the only few people to get my hands on it.

I remember “One Plus One” phones being sold out within a few minutes after being launched.

(P.S – My guess is even that “sold out” statement was also a marketing statement to create the next level authority & scarcity for the next opening).

Anyways, I had seen this plan work before & I decided I will create the same level Marketing plan for AdsCrisp.

Preparations started & we got everything ready within 3 days.

1.) We got the “invite-only” signup page ready.

Here is the screenshot

2.) We launched our Facebook ads.

The funny part was it was an advertisement that was running from my profile & it said that “this is the private invite link”.


Here is the ad screenshot:

(Video ad outperformed the other ads over here.)

3.) I made sure that we came up with a 3-way communication channel with our audience. 

Just relying on the emails would reduce the impact.

So we went ahead with 3 ways of communication:

– Email signups

– Messenger signups

– Facebook group Facebook group join link was shown on the thank you page of signup.

It was also sent in the first email after the signup & it was also sent via Facebook messenger automated bot.

So everything was leading to that Facebook group. 4.) To build some hype & social proof, I added the Facebook™ comments plugin in the thank you page after signing up.

We received some great comments there.

5.) Now to keep the audience engaged & hungry for the launch, we made sure we kept on doing regular communication.

So regular emails were sent to them REMINDING them of the “invite only launch discount” which is only valid for them.

Plus, regular Facebook group posts & messenger broadcasts were sent to them with the same reminder. 

The 3-way communication channel helped here as well.

You can’t just keep on sending reminder after reminder just via emails. 

But if the platform is different & the language that is spoken is platform friendly, then surely even the multiple reminders are not intrusive.

So we kept on building the hype via consistent reminders & value posts. 

We made sure that people had that level of scarcity in their minds that the discount is only available for the first 4 hours.

I scheduled a webinar for 1 hour before the the launch time.

And bang when the launch started, the “No Affiliate” (Facebook™ ads) sales were right on par with the Affiliate sales in the first 2 hours.

Of course later 100s of Affiliates combined sales number took over. But we succeeded in our motive of getting that huge initial sales push that caught the attention of a lot of affiliates.

Overall with our launch, we did $250,000 inside the 7 days Launch period.

However, more satisfying to me was $50,000 worth of sales that came just via this plan (Facebook ads).

More Stats:

Ever since we launched, Facebook Ads (no affiliate) sales have done close to ~$80,000 for us in sales.

(P.S – 3rd  platform sales screenshot is missing because I am no longer using it).

And Facebook™ ads sales are a consistent source of daily revenue for us.

Our initial launch Target was to touch $1 Million in 7 days.

We remained quite short from the target. 

But I know that good things take time.

I know it’s coming soon.

We just need to keep pushing on.

Also Don’t Forget:

The same email audience is not dead. 

It’s still happy & active. 

We bring good genuine deals to them from time to time as an affiliate, which in turn pays us well as well.

It is a good source of revenue in our company.

So it’s a huge win win relationship.

My Message:

Anyone who is not doing Facebook ads is truly missing out on a lot of revenue on the table. 

You won’t have this opportunity again.

Your customer is on Facebook.

You have to get it right. Period! And to add extra emphasis of the impact of Facebook ads on this launch, our remarketing Facebook ads were fetching us conversions at just $5-6 per sale.

And for just $2.81 per sale when I launched the Remarketing campaign on the first day.

(P.S. -Talking about remarketing to the hot audience.)

Facebook™ ads are insane.

They are huge.

Facebook ads had a huge impact on our launch


in reality, on everything else that I do in my business.

I hope you are taking this platform really seriously or you missing out on gold.

Hope you got good inputs from the case study.

Now go ahead & implement.

And if you liked the case study, then you can drop a few good words to me on my email [email protected].

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