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Increase CTR of Display Ad campaign (Only for serious Marketers)


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Increase CTR of your Google Display Ads

Serious Marketers/ Business person understand the value of High CTR.

If you have ever spent money on Google advertising then you understand what is Quality score (similar to Relevance score in Facebook).

In Google Search campaign, with High Quality score, you get more clicks, appear in a better position, and thus more success and you tend to pay less than your competition.

Now relate this with Display Ads, the Ad with better CTR is natural to bring you more success, and Google too will show it more than often because Google here knows that your Ad has high CTR, and they too earn money when your Ad is getting clicks.

Overall summary, Increase CTR to get better results with Google Display Ads

How to do it?

Simple enhance the quality of your display Ad.

20 Dollar Banner helps you to create supreme quality images, which are way way way better than you get from any other source.

Though the pricing here is comparatively more,

but the point is simple, if you are throwing money in Google Ads then do it with better images, which ultimately in longer run will give you much better results.

I recently found this website & I have already started implementing them in my strategy. 

I was amazed to see their designs, just go the Website & check their portfolio page, you will be amazed too.

And with such high quality images that they are delivering it was quite natural to see the kind of brands which are using their Ads, brands like Click Bank were there too, No surprise right?

Since you have read till this long I understand that you are serious for your business, so high time, increase CTR of your Google Display Ads and Earn profits.

Again here is the link to the Website 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends too..Signing Off.

Saurabh Bhatnagar

Saurabh Bhatnagar

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Saurabh Bhatnagar

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