Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads – A new Era of Digital Marketing


Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads has been rolled out with complete effect which will be delivered between the Friends stories.

Snapchat Ads

And not just the Ads, but Snapchat has also launched it’s Ads API.

This will allow Business Owners to buy Big Budget campaigns.

Snapchat Ads feature full screen Video Ads (with sound) which Snapchat is claiming that it is receiving 5x times engagement than any other social network.
Reacting to The Video Ad will give you multiple options like new App Install Download page, or an option to watch new Video.

You will also see Image Snapchat Ads, but you can skip it to see your Friend’s story.


In a story published on Adweek, they also described about the Ads Partners, Creative Partners & Measurement Partners of new Snapchat ads.

Snapchat Ads Partners includes 4C, Amobee, VaynerMedia, Brand Networks, SocialCode, TubeMogul, Adaptly and Unified.

And the Creative partners includes Big Spaceship, The 88, Alldayeveryday, Matte Finish, VaynerMedia, Virtue, Refinery29, BrandLab, Moment Studio, Stun Creative, The Mill, Studio Number One, MediaMonks, Unit9, Contented and Truffle Pig.

Vaynermedia is the only Partner that is in both the groups – Creative and Ads Partners.

(Source of the stats & image – Adweek)

The Snapchat team is claiming that it will roll any Ad only after complete testing and they will make sure that at any point their Ad won’t spoil the user experience.

This was inevitable, and it had to come. 

Now the next interesting part is hearing stories from the early testers of how they would be using it and what is the return from it that they are getting.

In the same story on Adweek, I read about Snapchat testing its Ads with Austin (Texas based), to survey 320 consumers aged 16-56. Snapchat Video Ad received 2 Times Visual attention than Facebook, 1.5 Times than Instagram and 1.3 Times than Youtube.

This is a good news for Marketers.

Although there are not many Marketers testing Snapchat Ads yet, but same was the case with Facebook and any other Social Network in the initial days.

I am truly excited with the new Ads feature, and will be testing a few ads in this month.

I will share the results here.

Saurabh Bhatnagar

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  1. Your website turned out really well I love the design. I will be considering something like this for my own business which is leaflet distribution based out of Ireland – Ken.

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