The “3 Key TFP Formula” Allowing Experts & Newbies To Grow Their Traffic, Leads & Sales Online... and even Start a brand New Online revenue stream...

(Step by Step Breakdown in Webinar Replay Below)

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Here's What You Will Get

#1. Facebook™ Ads Program by SB
($997 Value)

- Finding the best buyers traffic on Facebook™
- Sending consistent buyers traffic (via Facebook™ ads)
- Scaling Facebook™ Ads
- Full Step by Step Breakdown
- Running Profitable Ads on Facebook™
- Generate Profits Using Facebook™ Marketing
- Self Running Facebook™ Ads that Generates Recurring Profits
- No More Guesswork & Wastage of Hard Earned Money in Trying & Testing
- Generate Incredible Brand Awareness
- Get in More Customers & Clients Regularly
- Learn the Methods to Scale any business online
- Setting up & Scaling ANY online business

#2. Funnels Creation Program by SB
($997 Value)

- Setting up an irresistible offer
- Setting up seamless funnels that can run on complete automation
- Converting traffic into sales
- Scalabale methods to ascending buyers through the sales funnel & increasing the profit value per customer (on automation)
- Increasing the lifetime customer value
- Increasing the average order value per sale
- Complete A-Z Funnel training to almost fully automate the process for converting visitors into leads & leads into sales

#3. All Funnel Types & Secrets
($1997 Value)

- The Profit Module
- Sales Funnel
- Webinar Funnel
- List Building Funnel
- Book Funnel
- FB™ List Building Funnel
- Automated Webinar Funnel
- Low Ticket Sales Funnel
- Bootcamp Funnel
- Viral Marketing Funnel
- Membership Funnel

#4. Copywriting Secrets
($997 Value)

- Most Essential Element in an Ad Copy that almost every time defines the conversions of any landing or sales page. You will learn out of the box amazing strategies to dramatically improve the conversions of any page using this one KEY thing
- Types of Headlines
- The 4A Principle
- The 3C persuasive ways of killing buyer objections no matter what product in what niche
- The Big Domino (Big secret to massive conversions)
- Best Copywriting Examples (learn from world's best case studies. You will have a proven roadmap every time you need to work on your copy.
- Subconscious Selling - You will learn ways of pre-framing your customer into buying mode before they see your call to action button
- Secret Copywriting hacks by SB

#5. Sales Copies
($2997 Value)

All Front End & Upsell Copies of:

- StockKosh ($87,000 in 7 Days)
- AdsCrisp ($250,000 in 7 Days)
- MarketPresso ($600,000 in 3 months)

#6. My Exact Landing Page Templates (One-Click Import)
($2997 Value)

- Sales Pages
- Review Pages
- Webinar Sign Up Pages
- Bootcamp Registration Page
- Thank You Page
- Affiliate Marketing Review Pages
- Business pages - T&C, Privacy Policy, etc
- JV Page
- Pre-Launch Webinar Page
- Event Promotion Page

#7. Accountability & Tracking
($997 Value)

- Tasks
- Assignments
- Worksheets

Inside all the modules.

Here's Why You Need It
If you think wisely, to succeed online here are the ONLY 2 things that are required:

1.) Traffic
2.) Traffic converting into sales

A.) Let's talk about Traffic

Now, what is the biggest source of Buyers Traffic on the Internet?

It's Facebook™.

This means if you have mastered Facebook™ Ads, it means you have mastered TRAFFIC...

... Saurabh is a well-known Facebook™ ad expert & he has shared all his BEST Facebook™ ad strategies, hacks, tips & secret resources inside the program.

You will learn the best of the best strategies & advanced tactics that will ensure you cannot go wrong with FB™ ads because you know what works & what does not.

From what to do to what not to do... everything is covered!!

Imagine no guesswork & wastage of hard-earned money in trying & testing.
Learn & immediately start applying the methods to your business.

(P.S - Instagram Ads are also covered inside the program since ads for both the platforms (Facebook™ & Instagram™) are run through the same Ads Manager dashboard).

B.) Let's talk about Conversions & Sales

Getting traffic to your site is not even 1% of the battle won until it's converting into Sales & Conversions.

Let's say you have floods of traffic & none of them are buying.

Will it help?

NO! It's disastrous.

Funnel Mastery modules will show you how to have full command over your Funnels & how to seamlessly convert your visitors into warm leads & loyal buyers.

Online business becomes so very easy once you have one good funnel that is converting & generating consistent revenue. The most important thing is you will learn how to predictably scale your revenue as you grow your ads spend.

Automating your funnels is like a well-oiled machine that keeps doing its work without your interference. All that you need to do is make sure it's fully set & that's exactly what you will learn inside the program.

So you can predictably scale almost any business online at will.
The ONLY 2 Things You Need To Master To Create a Sustainable & Ever Profitable Online Business Is TRAFFIC & FUNNELS. Best part is BOTH are covered in your purchase today!!
You Will Be Getting "Timeline Domination" & "Funnel Mastery" Both as a part of this exclusive offer.
Exclusive Bonuses When You Order Today
Exclusive Bonus #1 - Affiliate Marketing Via Facebook™ Ads ($1,997 Value) 

Affiliate marketing done using “Facebook™ Ads & Funnels” will help you to generate

...has helped me generate a profit of more than $150,000 in the last 3-4 years.
You are going to learn the same methods of doing affiliate marketing via “TFP Formula”. 
Exclusive Bonus #2 - Coaching Program Sales Via Facebook™ Ads ($1,997 Value)
We have generated over $650,000 revenue in the last 15 months with a brand new coaching program.
My proprietary “TFP Formula” is the MOST PREDICTABLE way to scale any coaching program from ZERO to 6-7-8-9 Figures.

This specific module shows you all the backend strategies & configurations that you need to do in order to even think of scaling a coaching program online.

There are so many minor little things that have a huge impact on the overall sales & processes of an online coaching program, and once you get it right, it can be scaled like anything. We will show you how in this module.
Exclusive Bonus #3 - Software Sales Via Facebook™ Ads
($1,997 Value)
A revenue close to ~$80,000 in the last 5 months for our software “AdsCrisp” just via Facebook™ ads using our proprietary “TFP Formula”.
In fact, remarketing sales for as low as $2.81 per sale.

Ave. revenue per sale ~ $100.

A flat Profit of ~$97 per sale on spend of $2.81.

Saurabh is known for doing massive numbers when it comes to software sales online, you will see the secrets in this module.
Exclusive Bonus #4 - Local Business Walk-Ins Via Facebook™ Ads
($1,997 Value)
Local businesses are a different ball game altogether.

“Walk-Ins” is their OXYGEN.

“TFP Formula” has cracked the code for Local business walk-ins.

Use it for your business or serve your clients - totally up to you!!

The massive number of case studies & success stories on this page below will show you our TFP formula generates massive results when it comes to local businesses.

The best part is this works as an entry point into the online world for the newbies. They will learn how to serve clients & start getting paid.

Almost 1 out of every 3 local businesses worldwide don't even have a website, imagine the scaling potential you will have in your hands once you help them scale their business, there is really no limit to it
Exclusive Bonus #5 - Social Media Marketing Agency Module
($1,997 Value)
We will show you all the exclusive insights of setting up a premium social media marketing agency & how to convert new clients.

So you can charge a “PREMIUM” amount from your clients for the services.

Plus, the step-by-step roadmap of getting clients on-demand.

We will show you all the “exact” methods of getting past the gatekeepers & hitting your proposal right on the door of the right clients at the right time with an offer that they can’t refuse.
Exclusive Bonus #6 - Lead Generation Module
($1,997 Value)
Targeted 150,000+ leads in last 15 months for one of our ventures.
Need to say more?


Because the amount spent on generating the leads has already been 10Xed by converting the leads into paying customers.

You will discover the exact seamless lead generation formula that you can apply for your or your clients' business.
Exclusive Bonus #7 - My Personal Facebook™ Ads Checklist
($997 Value)
My personally created ad creation checklist distributed to my entire staff who run FB™ Ads in our company.

You will get access to this for free.

You can never go wrong with this checklist on your side.
Exclusive Bonus #8 - Access to Online Community
($1,997 Value)
Our online community is a great place to build connections and get answers to your queries in real-time.

You will get free unlimited Access.
Exclusive Bonus #9 - Subtitled Videos
($997 Value)
Yes, we have got subtitles done for every lesson inside the program so that you don't miss out on even 1 word of this most valuable program.
Massive Final Grand Bonus - 1 Year Access To 2 Weekly Group Q&A Sessions With SB
(Unlimited Value)
Saurabh is so committed for the success of his members that he does 2 weekly Q&A live sessions where he answers all the queries asked by the live attendees.

Imagine you are getting the keys to the kingdom & then if you are ever stuck, you will be guided by none other than SB himself. Just attend the live Q&A sessions & ask your queries.

This bonus alone is worth much more than the price of the entire program.
These Bonuses Are Super exclusive. You won't find them on Saurabh's website or his university or anywhere else. They are only available With this exclusive offer right now.
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Somebody who was exactly where you are right now, and now is at a place at exactly where you wanna be.. so for everybody to get your courses, your training would be great"

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"Saurabh can literally change your business in a few minutes

Learning practical implementation from him per minute was like an 'aha' moment. Can't say it strongly enough better than 80K+ was added in my account just by the virtue of a single funnel made by him"

Reshu Singhal, Founder - &

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"Big Shout Out to Saurabh Bhatnagar, all this conversion will not have been possible without you.

Am calling you the 'Conversion King' from now on.

Follow this guy, he is the 'Beast' when it's come to Conversions on product launches and making more money."

Jonathan Osheveire, Founder - Linkedtify & Digital Launch Insider Magazine


I have got amazing results because of Saurabh. My program "Communication Mastery" is now nearing about 3,000 enrollments. The entire plan, funnel & the email sequence was guided by Saurabh. About 16 months back I had no idea about how to run my Facebook™ ads, how to get more leads and today I have got more than 130,000 people who have subscribed to my email list within a timeframe of 14 months. There have been weeks where we have had more than 5,000 people subscribing to us. We literally had to reduce the number of leads because we were not able to cater to so many people considering my business model.

Rahul Bhatnagar, Speaker and Business Coach
"Brilliance, the word I would use to describe Saurabh Bhatnagar.  It is rare I get business techniques and strategies I will integrate into my business immediately. But I did just that with the information he provided to me. It is not only changing how I am doing business but how my clients are doing business."
Virginia Phillips - Author | Speaker | Coach

"ended up making sales so quickly without losing any money"

"Quick Shout out for Saurabh's Facebook™ course. I am into eCommerce, but I didn't have any clue how to drive targeted traffic to my store.

Saurabh's course really helped me to understand how to structure the whole campaign & do targeting for that.

As a result, I really really ended up making sales so quickly without losing any money. That was amazing.

I cannot recommend enough for you to purchase his Facebook™ course because it's really amazing. It's very in-depth. Even if you are a complete newbie to Facebook™ ads just like I was, this is one of the best courses out there.

I cannot stress enough for you to get that. Highly recommended."

Eva Werthmann, eCom Expert

Even 15 years old newbie can follow it & get results.. 
how about you?

Saurabh's "single piece of advice" on Victory's funnel increased his revenue from $50,000 to $90,000 within 2 days.

A Girl Who Was Working For Rs 3,000 ($45) Monthly Stipend Left her job & Started taking Physical Sessions... 100+ students this month at Rs 1500 Per Seat & Her Entire Next Month Is Pre-Booked

"take your business to another level with Facebook™ advertising"

"It's been a blessing to know Saurabh and share ideas on how to take our businesses to another level with Facebook™ advertising.

He has achieved amazing results in his business and is willing to share it with whoever is ready to learn and take action.

I'd suggest you follow and learn from him to take your business to unimaginable heights!'"
Katie Lendel, Founder - Born to Succeed LLC
Newbie - $7,000 Revenue Selling eBooks After Attending Just 
6 Hours Funnels & Copywriting Session
We Only Talk About Results... Amazing Results!!
You are getting access to my UNIQUE Value Packed Program Dedicated To Help You Master The 2 Most Essential Skills On The Internet: Traffic & Conversions
Some of the screenshots from Saurabh's live trainings:
Plus tons of reviews for Saurabh on his Facebook page...
#1 Online Business Growth Expert In The World
Saurabh's tips & mentoring have been a blockbuster hit in impacting businesses all over the world.

Businesses have found huge growth & returns after learning from Saurabh.
Sought After Online Marketing Expert
Saurabh is a sought after name in the online marketing niche.

He is invited to businesses & conferences all over the world to speak & share his experience.

Saurabh is on a mission to impact thousands of businesses through his talks & mentoring programs.
Business owners killing it working with Saurabh...
"elevated my video business"
"After attending many trainings with Saurabh Bhatnagar, he helped me to gain more skills and important marketing tips. This was beneficial to me in elevating my video business to grow and expand within a very short period of time. Saurabh's experience and knowledge would be a great help to any online marketer or entrepreneur looking to up their success!"

Lynn Brown, Founder - BizAds4u
"business funnel that never failed"
"I had got many idea on whats going on with my business and what can I do to develop more and more income.

Before this I was strrugling in making my own sales and marketing funnel but it never work so well until I got clear about what I am doing. Thanks to the training. Its work so well and now im striving to achieve my next 7 figures in 3 months due. Tq Saurabh."

Azriel Qushairi, Marketing Director at Mekanik Bisnes
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