The Last Door

In this article, I am sharing a quick brief of one of my greatest learning experiences that I learned quite early in the beginning of my Entrepreneurship journey. It is something that has had a huge impact on my results over time. And doing the same will have the same impact on your results. Hence I am sharing the same with you. 

So this is what happened…

I started my Entrepreneurship journey by making loyalty cards & coupon booklets for customers back in the year 2012.

We used to go to events, colleges, popular streets, popular cafes, gatherings, and basically everywhere where it was possible to sell those coupon booklets. 

Then we thought why not we should sell these coupon booklets going door to door. After all, that will give us a chance to cover the entire city. 

We did this for about 2 months.

We had an internal rule that we will finish all the random tasks in the morning and go out in the streets at 2 PM & roam around till 9 PM. So we would knock on the last door only before 9 PM.

4 times it happened with me that I was able to sell my first coupon booklet on that particular day in the “last door” that I knocked. 

Imagine roaming around for 7 hours and being able to sell just at the last door. 

Yes, the thoughts like whether I should hit another door or not used to come to my mind.

But I had this habit of not sleeping with a no. And that thought always kept me going. I used to run to go from one door to another to be able to get success and cover as many doors as I could before 9 PM.

The more doors I hit, the more probability I could create to sell. 

And this claim was justified by 4 such days in which I got success just at the last door. 

I learned a very important lesson there…

Imagine if I had given up that day. Imagine if I had felt no it’s working. Imagine if I had thought no it’s not made for me. Imagine if I would have skipped that door that day. Imagine if I would have knocked on that door the next day early morning, but what if I was not able to encounter the same decision-maker just because I choose to give up the last night & went in the morning. 

Imagine if any of those self-doubts would have forced me to give up even on just 1 day…

… You know what would have happened? …

… I would have accepted “failure” as a part of life. I would have accepted that it’s ok not to try harder & it’s ok to set high goals & not meet them. 

Thankfully I never did that. 
And I am thankful to all those people living behind those last doors who purchased the coupon booklets from me that day.

Yes, it has happened with me when I have gone back home without selling a single coupon booklet in the entire day. But one thing never happened. And that was I never went back home after not giving my 100% that day. I gave my best shot at every single door. And hit as many doors as possible. Doesn’t matter how many doors were shut right on my face before that. 

This is exactly the reason why today some of our s.ales webinars go over 4,5 or even 6 hours. (One of them went over 6 hours)

Because till the time I know the audience is sitting there, I will keep trying. If I know I have more things to deliver, I will keep saying. Relaxing or tiring or feeling hungry all of that can come later as soon as I hit the end button. But before that, there is nothing gonna distract me. 

All those last doors have taught me to try harder. To try one more time. 

Think about where you can bring this Mindset into your life. Whether you are approaching clients, or you are setting up sales appointments, or taking webinars, or doing sales calls, or working out in the gym, or playing a match or anything that you do. 

Apply this formula of “one last door” & not giving up till you know you have it in you to deliver more. 

You will see a remarkable difference in your results just by ensuring you are hitting every single last door.  Try it & let me know the difference 🙂

Until next time…


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