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How To Write Powerful Video Sales Letter


How To Write Powerful Video Sales Letter

To begin with, let us first come on equal pages by defining Video Sales Letter.

What exactly is a VSL?

Most people know what sales letter is, you can say that a VSL is the video version of what it is that you’ve got in your sales letter.

And that isn’t necessarily that is the case but most of the times.

The video sales letter can be found at the top of the page and the video often leaves you wondering why that actually is.

Most importantly, you should know that a VSL essentially covers what you are trying to sell.

So, this is a video version as opposed to a written version.


The importance of Video Sales Letter.

  • When it comes to advantages, video sales letter do not just sell, they demonstrate the product – We are living in an era where people tend to believe what they see and so, visuals have more impact than texts. Videos have been found to be more engaging and trusted than plain text.
  • Video Sales Letter is more engaging – VSL gives you the advantage over text because you can make use of transitions and animations to explain and get your message across. This is especially helpful because information retention rate is much higher when something is presented in a visual format in comparison to the text format. The more engagement your video gets, the more compelling it is and higher the chances of generating leads.
  • The human voice and sound effects work best in evoking emotions – If you want to sell, you need to connect with people, and what better method can be there than doing it through a video. With human voice, the right message can be conveyed easily without much hassle. While this can be the most effective way of engaging with the audience, it is surprising to find that the most seasoned marketer can shy away from VSL way of marketing. But results have shown that VSL yields the best results.


Now let us learn in detail about how to do a video sales letter.

Before we begin, let us look into what matters most for success while we create a video sales letter.

You should not write for your audience, nor your audience or yourself.

You will want to make sure that your audience is hyper-specific.

To create success, you must get in their reality bubble and the only way to achieve this is by being specific.

All sales are created by solving a pain point of the people. So make sure the pain you’re pushing on is singular and specific.

Try to focus on a specific pain point instead of a series of pain points if you want your conversions not to drop.

Be ridiculously honest about everything to the point that whatever you are claiming about anything, you do it without holding back.

Make sure whatever you describe, it should be unique.
And never make any false claims for the results of using your product.

The script should be natural in tone. Remember, when you write, you talk to the classes but when you speak, you talk to the masses.

How you need to get started depends on some points you need to ponder upon

  • What is the end goal of your VSL and how does this fit into the sales flow of your business?
  • Identify your audience who is likely to take action on your end goal. Then you need to identify your target audience’s state of awareness
  • Based on their level of awareness, what is their one big major pain point? List their reasons as well
  • What studies, case studies, personal experiences, and data do you have in order to approach the excuses they can make for their pain points? This helps them win them over to your point of view

STEP 1 – Your greeting should be attention grabbing

The greeting should be a call out to the market you are targeting specifically, so let them know that they are in the right place. You can make a promise or claim that are going to be sustainable with your offer and provide evidence to prove that your offer is legitimate.

STEP 2 – Identify a big pain point

This point needs to resonate with the one watching the video. Focusing on too many pain points is irrelevant. You need to grab the best of the available pain points and you can play on inconvenience, anger or fear. Let them know that the solution to this is discussed in the video after some time. Then divert on focusing on telling them why they have this pain? List 3-5 reasons and be specific. Avoid being vague.

STEP 3 – Establish Video Scarcity

They need to know why they need to watch this now. You can create a scarcity because this is a pre-sale. Or may be due to the limited availability of a certain thing. It could also be that you keep a certain thing available but it is open for just twice a year, so the best time is now.

Now you must aggravate the pain point and paint the picture large enough so that they get motivated enough to get it solved by you. This way you can also help build a mindset that the action time is now.

Now the stage has been set for a perfect conversation storm.

STEP 4 – Provide the solution.

Now introduce your product. The image you show needs to be professional. Brief them about how you came to the conclusion of creating the product. Now introduce them to the features and benefits of your product. Connect with them on an emotional and material level.

Call to action #1 – Desire.

This is the first facet of the human motivation index. This should play on their desire to gain something or get rid of something. Now you tell them why they should buy from you because of course your product is not in a monopolistic industry.

So this is the time to pull out your best factors of the product. There are a lot of people who do not get motivated by desire alone, so you need to give them a logic as to why they should buy from you.

Show them your results, testimonials and customer reviews that you already have. You need to tell them what to do step by step.

You also need to let them know to set the right expectations, but some people will simply not act because they will not know what to expect. This is where you are required to sell yourself as having what they need. A few examples are:

  • I’ve got 20+ years of experience buying and selling investment properties for my clients and my own.
  • I’ve spent 15 years as a mortgage broker so I know the inside story most people don’t.


STEP 5 – Provide proof of what you are saying.

Now is the time to provide them with solid proofs of what you have stated so far. You can make use of testimonials, screenshots, etc.

By doing this, you are taking away all possible material and status danger that is preventing your viewer from taking your offer. Your aim is to calm all friction that your buyer may have. This can include the fear of spending money they can’t get back or quite possibly they think if they will do it, they will look a fool in the eyes of their loved ones.

Call to action #2 – Logic.

This is the second facet of human motivation, and if by now, you have appealed to them by showing solid proof of why they should listen and buy from you, then it is time you leverage these points as you draw them towards the second call to action. You can say something like this,

“The results speak for themselves and I’m so confident on my offer that I’m willing to remove all the risk so you can buy it with peace of mind, and if it doesn’t work out, you are protected.”

Now, enlighten them on what to do and what to expect. If they are still watching, they need to know why to buy it ‘now’ else all these efforts won’t yield fruitful results.

So, create urgency in your sales pitch. Remind them of your scarcity statements like a deadline, limited availability, and removal of a bonus after a certain time and things that you have to offer. Also, remind them of what life will be like if they do not take action now as there is a reason they are learning about this product and surely they want to be in a better position than they are now.

Call to action #3 – Fear.

This should be relatively easy as you have already pinpointed what pain or losses they will face if they do not act now. So a simple line such as this will do, “So, that being said, don’t delay, grab this offer now before its too late. You deserve X, so stop putting it off.” Set clear expectations and pre-frame it as if you know they’ll take the offer by saying something like, “I’ll see you on the other side.”


Here’s the synopsis of the xxx-minute video which your viewer will experience.

Your viewer, in these xxx minutes will been through the gamut of human motivation emotions.

Desire, logic, and fear is the three-step combination that can leave your prospect in the state of willingness if you have executed the process correctly. The key is to make sure that everything sounds legitimate. For this purpose, you need to continually backup your claims with facts, figures, examples, and testimonials. And the most important part about this is to make sure that you are targeting the right people at the right time.

Here are some of the best practices that are worth noting when it comes to video sales letter.

The headline needs to be above the video.

In the video, do the following:

  • Hide Controls
  • Auto play the video
  • Make sure it doesn’t shoe the YouTube logo. It can hurt conversions.

There can be a button below the video in the form of a good plugin that pops up after a set amount of time when the video is played.

No other navigation on the page. This includes that there should be no menu on top, no social sharing and no distractions on the page when the video is being played. In short the only Motivation of VSL is SELLING.


The VSL Design

  • It has been found that in every test, a simple design has won. Plain white background, black text and use of bold or colored text when necessary.
  • Putting the script word for word leads to better conversions as it helps the reader go back to something if he has missed in the video
  • Good sound quality can help in better conversions. The voice tone and speed should match the feeling you embed in your VSL script.


So this was all about the Video Sales Letter.

I am sure this will definitely help you in selling more.

Share your thoughts in the comments, I would love to hear from you.

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